Genae is a dedicated student of the horse. She'll always listen to what you have to say, but her work truly begins with what the horse has to tell her through its behavior, attitude and movement. She considers health issues that may affect the horse's performance, including diet, hoof care and possible dental issues.


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You have to give something you never gave, to get something you never had.

— Peter Campbell



Full Training — 5 days/week 

(For horses in residence at Morning Sun Ranch)

Colt Starting or Troubled Horse $750/month

Tune-up or Basic Training $650/month


Partial Training — 3 days/week 
(For horses in residence at Morning Sun Ranch)

Basic Training $450/month


Individual Sessions

Morning Sun Ranch boarders $55

Morning Sun Ranch visitors $65

Genae's training skill set ranges from colt starting to conditioning, and she has particular expertise working with troubled horses.

Working from where the horse is at...

Genae has been such a gift to me and my young horse. She is professional and knowledgeable... but her love and advocacy for horses really sets her apart.