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Genae's goal is to help you follow your dream, whether it’s to get back to riding after years of missing it, build and advance your horsemanship and riding skills, regain confidence, introduce your child to horses, win ribbons at shows or just relax and enjoy the fun you can have with an equine friend.


I can’t teach a person anything, but if they are willing to learn, I can help them learn something.

— Tom Dorrance

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Morning Sun Ranch has been offering top quality riding programs since 1990 — beginner to advanced, Western or English. We'll match you with one of our school horses, or help you develop a better partnership with your own horse. Genae, along with the other Morning Sun Ranch instructors, can help you in a variety of disciplines including Western Pleasure, Trail, Dressage, Jumping and Horsemanship.


Morning Sun Ranch is a vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School.

Lessons cover many facets of Horsemanship including safe handling, groundwork and riding.  Genae strives to keep students engaged with varied activities, rather than repetitive drills, to help develop a wide range of skills and the type of partnering mindset that works best with horses...  and may also apply to other aspects of your life.


Private, semi-private, and group lessons, as well as lesson packages and gift certificates are available!

Learn to ride or enhance your skills...

If you are looking for someone who can turn you into the horse person you dream of being... You have found that place and that person.

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