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What Genae’s Clients Have to Say...

Sandy Vreeburg

The Masterson Method would like to recognize Morning Sun Ranch and Genae Kindscher Horsemanship for their enthusiastic support in hosting workshops and courses.  Morning Sun Ranch and GKH is a facility and program where all the horses are well cared for and are recognized for their individual skills and personality, which we adore! We are honored to have built a horse heart centered relationship with Morning Sun Ranch as Masterson Method Seminar hosts.

Megan Wynd Crop.jpg
Megan Wynd

Genae’s knowledge of the horse and compassion for who they are in their most natural state is why I love learning how to ride with her. She helps me understand where the horse is coming from so I learn how to communicate as quietly and gently as possible. She creates a healthy and safe place for both horse and rider, pushing me to grow and supporting me when I haven’t quite gotten the hang of something yet. Her ethical and humane approach makes me feel confident that she is just as concerned about the horse as she is about me. I wouldn’t want to learn to ride anywhere else.

Doreen Hargrave adj crop.jpg
Doreen Hargrave

I was lucky to find Genae Kindscher Horsemanship! When I found out a couple of horsewomen I know knew her, and recommended her to me, she (and one of her clients) allowed me to observe a lesson.  I came to her with fear issues, physical limitations, and a desire to build a trusting relationship with my horse.


Genae's compassion for me and my horse was evident from the start.  She listened carefully to what I thought my issues were, and also what my horse was telling her.  Her ability to demonstrate and direct me in building the relationship with my horse is the best part of our time together.  This has created an improvement in my confidence, even through the tough decision to retire my horse, ride one of her trusty mounts, and start working with my new horse.  


I appreciate the fact that she practices being a good example to our horses, teaching me to be a better leader/example for my horse.  She also takes the time to listen to issues and questions I have.  She applies her growing knowledge of how to work with the horse so that my horse and I continue to improve in our trust and how we work together.  I have a long way to go, but I am confident that Genae will continue to guide us in a direction that builds my confidence and ability, and makes my horse happier to be around me.


As a bonus, Morning Sun Ranch is a peaceful, great place to take my lessons.  While I trailer in (almost) weekly, we get to enjoy the grounds, and even venture out on the surrounding trails.  Other team members at the ranch, and boarders are all friendly and a pleasure to be around.  


I trust Genae and highly recommend her as someone who will ensure you get what you need when working with your horse!

Lauren Saputelli, L.Ac. (Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine)

Genae is an incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive teacher, with an innate and holistic  understanding of horses, both physically and emotionally. A year ago, I took my first lesson in 20+ years. I spent over a decade doing vaulting and some riding while growing up. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or how long it would last. I quickly realized that even though I had some horse experience, I had a LOT to learn. Genae brings a lifetime of knowledge to the lessons, meets you at your level, as well as the needs of you and the horse on any given day. She offers a much deeper understanding of working with horses than I have ever experienced. She answers questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, and is incredibly generous with her knowledge. The lessons taught are often profound and carry over to other aspects of life. Whether you are young or old, a beginner or experienced rider, Genae will teach you something new. She is always learning and growing in her expertise.

Christine Brooks

Genae is true to her mission statement — She truly “works from where the horse it at.” I started working with Genae a year ago as a novice. In that time, she she has taught me riding skills, ground work, energy work and most importantly, how to treat a horse with love and respect. With all of her training and guidance I am now able to lease one of her horses 3 days a week! Thank you Genae!

Hailey Polizio

I have been riding with Genae and been her working student for the past 5 years. Throughout these years I have been constantly growing into both a confident, skilled rider and a better person. Genae’s methodology is based on working from where both the horse and the person are at, including a much deeper understanding of Horsemanship than the surface-level stuff I had spent years on before coming to her. The experience I have under my belt now from spending so much time with her is invaluable, inclusive of starting my first colt. When working with Genae, it is easy to tell that she genuinely cares about both you and your horse. She has been a great person to have in my life and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to build a strong relationship with their horse.

Jim Polizio (Hailey's Dad)

My daughter Hailey, now 17, has been in training with Genae for about five years. Genae is an outstanding teacher and mentor. Genae has been a fabulous teacher of the Horsemanship method, constantly exposing her students to more challenges and experiences.  It's not all work though and the rigors of training are interspersed with fun trail rides and trips to parks and rivers.  Through her outstanding contacts and involvement in the horse community, Genae has also given my daughter the opportunity to ride with some of the best horse men and women around via private and group clinics.  Beyond all this, Genae has made Hailey a part of the family at Morning Sun Ranch; it has been a very enriching experience for her.

Kiley Brown

Genae is an amazing person, trainer and friend. She taught me how to have a better understanding of my horse, and my overall confidence in the saddle. She's had a huge impact on my horsemanship, and I couldn't be happier! The things she's taught me have helped me and my horse have an almost unbreakable bond, and I'm thankful for her teaching. Thanks, Genae, for everything!

Tira Brown (Kiley’s Mom)

What can I say about someone who wants the very best relationship to happen between an owner and their horse? Genae believes in the Whole relationship, from building a strong foundation on the ground, to being completely solid in the saddle. We moved from one amazing barn to another and we have been so fortunate to find the very best in trainers. If you're looking for someone to help you and your horse become one and feel confident with your horsemanship, then you will be glad you found Genae. We're sure glad we did !!!!

Jordyn Edelstein

I have been riding with Genae for almost two years. She has helped deepen my understanding of the horse in a fun way. She has a different outlook about horsemanship and has taught me to ride and treat my horse respectfully. I love that she is usually on her horse for lessons. Genae can take the simplest places or moments on the ranch and make them a place for learning. I look forward to my lessons every week.

Kerry Edelstein (Jordyn’s Mom)

We have used Genae for lessons and training several horses. She is knowledgeable about many aspects of the horse. She understands its physiology, development and mental needs. She is honest and recognizes when a horse and rider are a good match, or not. She has supported us through many transitions and educated us on many levels. The ranch is like a second home due to her kindness and generosity. I would recommend Genae for lessons of any level of rider or for a horse.

Kristina Marie

Working with Genae has been nothing short of amazing. From the time I contacted Morning Sun Ranch and Genae I have felt fully supported. At our first meeting I shared my goal of finding a horse for myself and my daughter and I can wholeheartedly say Genae went above and beyond. Now that we have him his days are filled with love and training, and my daughter is thrilled to come to the ranch. whether you're looking into training for your horse, craniosacral or lessons to improve your partnership, I ABSOLUTELY recommend. My daughter had participated in horse camp for years, and what she learned in one lesson with Genae has made me a believer. We will be working with this amazing woman for years to come.

Diane Marcel.jpg
Diane Marcel

Lessons with Genae are the highlight of my week.  I’m a beginner and learning horsemanship skills with Genae is really enjoyable.  Learning to safety interact with horses from grooming and bonding to saddling up and riding… It’s all easy with Genae’s patient style.  Genae will let you know how to perform a skill well, then give you the space and time to learn it.  I want to do Endurance Riding and Genae is personalizing my riding lessons and the training of my horse so we can do 30 and 50 mile rides safely and with a well-conditioned horse.

Vince Hernandez

I have been riding with Genae since 2015. As a new rider, I quickly progressed under her guidance and feel confident in my abilities on and off my horse. Genae's style of training takes into consideration the needs of both rider and horse and is based on her own life-long experience in horsemanship, and working with some of the great masters in the field. Exceptional at working with troubled horses, Genae has gotten me past some sticky challenges with my own horse and continues to care for my horse like it is one of her own. I highly recommend Genae for all your horse training needs.

Christine Hernandez

I have been boarding my three horses at Morning Sun Ranch for almost a year and a half now, and have had the pleasure of working with Genae Kindscher in that time. She is a serious horsewoman with high standards. Not only does she want to help her students meet their riding and horsemanship goals; she also cares deeply about the care and handling of their horses. Her style is very safe, intelligent and direct as she takes time to figure out what each horse and student needs, then breaks things down into manageable lessons and/or training sessions. Her extensive experience and quick eyes give her the ability to diagnose behavioral and training issues, and to separate those out from the health issues a horse may be experiencing. Her certification in Equine CranioSacral therapy also gives her the ability to help horses with muscle soreness, and gives her a deep understanding of how the horses should move and when to call in specialists when they are needed.

Genae has helped one of our geldings change from being completely stuck in his head and feet to being an absolute pleasure to ride. My husband, my daughter, and I have all been in lessons with her. She has helped us understand where and how to improve in our ground and riding relationships with our horses; and she has helped us to better understand the health needs of our small herd. I feel so much more confident in my abilities since I have been working with her as she pushes me to improve with each lesson and even shows me how to help horses better understand what I ask of them. Also, her enthusiasm about her own continuing education through clinics, videos and reading inspires me to do the same as I continue on my journey through life with horses.

Cynthia McCook

Genae worked with my 8-year-old Freisian, Oliver, for more than a year. It was under Genae that we found some significant holes in his training, as well as a medical issue I was unaware of. Truly, I can't say enough about his time with Genae. She's smart, intuitive, and a great communicator... to both people and horses. She has identified and worked through several issues with him, and isn't in it for the quick buck... She really cares. If she doesn't know the answer to something, she digs until she finds one, then goes about fixing It. Oliver wouldn't be the horse he is today without Genae. I trust her 100%.

Becca + Raggety.jpg
Mary McLafferty Mitchell

My daughter Rebecca was 10-years-old when our relationship with Genae Kindscher and Morning Sun Ranch began. The metamorphosis that took place in Becca, over a few years, as a horsewoman and as a person was astounding. Although she was taking lessons before becoming a student of Genae's, her learning and growth had been in a holding pattern. Under Genae's guidance, she quickly learned that there was a completely different journey and life-changing experience waiting for her.

I am so grateful that she has had the opportunity to be guided by someone who not only innately understands horses on such a deep level, but also understands how to connect with and support the humans who want to have a relationship with them. Genae's compassion and ability to reach out touch both horse and rider in such positive and productive ways, it is almost unbelievable. My daughter became her working student and I am amazed at what she accomplished. Genae truly does work from not only helping your horse to be better but also teaches you how to be better in your experiences with your horse and with yourself.

If you are reading this hoping to find the perfect place to begin or just want to expand your experience with your horse... If you are looking for someone who can turn you into the horse person you dream of being... You have found that place and that person!

Heather Sweet

I began working with Morning Sun Ranch in March of 2014. From the moment that I stepped onto the property, there was an amazing feeling of confidence and knowledge that this team puts out. Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of watching and working with Genae Kindscher, who is, in my mind, no less than a miracle worker with people and animals. Genae has an overwhelming knowledge of horses, compassion for people and animals, and a dedication like I’ve never seen, to growing herself and those who are interested as “horsemen.”

When I began taking lessons at this ranch, Genae was one of the people who I would stop and watch in awe of her talent. She is effortless in her riding, and she seems to notice every detail when working with horses and students. I have personally seen Genae take an amazing 12-year-old girl with beginning knowledge of riding, and Genae has worked and molded this girl into an amazing horseman and trainer of the horses. Genae brings a confident and experienced perspective to the people she trains. She knows when to push and when to show compassion. Most recently, I have had the pleasure of getting her thoughts on my riding, and she brings a fresh outlook on riding techniques that I now use to help me and the horse.

Along with her people skills, it has been a pleasure to watch Genae work beginning or troubled horses. Genae brings a calmness to the animals she works with and a challenge with very clear goals in her mind. She doesn’t “shoot for the moon” on the first day. She assesses and creates a plan to help the horses. She has helped one particular horse that used to rear-up and potentially be dangerous to develop a trusting relationship with her working student and become a great jumping horse.

This ranch and Genae are all about bringing a positive and respectful atmosphere. When I came into this ranch, I was a passenger on a horse. I had zero understanding of having an “active seat” or how much pressure to put on a horse’s mouth. But Genae and the people at Morning Sun Ranch help to teach you at each person’s level. I have never felt unsafe or like I was not progressing. As my skills have developed, the horses I ride have changed. The skills I have learned are being worked on to become more refined. I plan on spending a lifetime with Genae and this ranch because there is always something more that they will teach you. When ready, I will also bring my son to learn to ride so that he can experience the confidence that riding can give you. This is a safe and clean ranch, where I have not only learned about myself as a person, but I have learned about the bond that can be created working with horses.

Genae Kindscher is a master of her field: challenging, tweaking, and molding her students. She happily takes on the challenges of troubled horses and helps them to change their thinking from angry/scared thoughts to a calm working relationship. This is a woman that you truly want to meet and work with if you have even the smallest inkling of working with horses. Her passion will rub off on you and her attention to details will keep you safe and learning.

Suzette Bruce

I first became interested in horsemanship when my daughter was taking lessons. I was allowed to participate in all of the before and after work of riding, like grooming, tacking, lead walking and even mucking. This was the first experience I had with connecting with a horse, and it so moved me that I was wondering if I could learn to ride a horse in my 5th decade of life.

My path was directed to Genae Kindsher and I suddenly found myself on the back of a horse. It was a surreal experience. I don't remember saying any words at all to the horse. It seemed that my breathing and body language had become my connecting force in communicating with a 1,000-pound-plus equine. 

With her firm but gentle manner, Genae has helped me to get out of my head and more into the feel.  She truly does start where the horse is at and where the person is at, and then meshes the two together, creating a team. I believe that horsemanship is Genae's gift and it is in her to continually learn, adapt, adjust and decipher whether or not new information in horsemanship is effective enough to surpass the previous.

I'm amazed at how much muscle memory and "feel memory" I have gotten in only 5 short months of learning her style of horsemanship. Some of the new concepts she teaches are hard for me, but it's a process and I get through it and always come back ready for more. Genae helps build leadership skills in the rider, which is imperative for the horse to have in order to create a mutual respect. She's a tough cookie, but somehow the lessons always end up with a “Hang in there,” or something positive like, "That's a good place to stop for today."

Although my initial goal was to help my daughter find the right sport/niche/art, I can't imagine not having horsemanship be part of my life because it has enriched all of the other areas of my life so much!  I would recommend her to anyone, young or old, beginning or advanced, wanting to have firm but kind, up-to-date training and instruction in horsemanship. This is truly her gift, and she is so awesome!

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